Friday, December 09, 2005

super professional

today was the end:
the end of the school stress (semester).
the end of the work stress (software release cycle).

i've turned in my final assignment and all my work deadlines are complete. i feel completely strung out! i don't know how to begin to relax.

in other news, i finally joined ALA (American Library Association for you non-library folk). i also bought a subscription to VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates, also for the non-library folk). i simply cannot get enough exposure to young adult materials. more and more i feel it is my calling. someone told me recently that they think people shy away from jobs with young adults and i'm not sure why. well, i guess i know why, but it still surprises me. to me though it makes sense more than anything else.. i learned to love reading when i was a young adult. i want to share that. i get super nostalgic just thinking about it.

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