Sunday, October 22, 2006

Craft: White Chocolate Sugar Skulls

I originally heard about the White Chocolate Sugar Skulls in BUST Magazine and later saw it posted again on the Craft: Blog. I'd already purchased my skull mold from, and picked up my supplies at the local Wegmans.

See the references above for instructions. I've a few notes to add to them: Whatever you do, don't heat the chocolate for too long. As soon as it gets creamy it's a good time to stop. My second batch somehow appeared to become hardened again after the creamy stage. This may be due in part because I couldn't find the melting chips and used regular chips instead. After pressing into the molds I threw the whole mold into the freezer for about 20 minutes to cool.

The icing I picked up was pretty hard to work with. I can't imagine doing the intricate designs featured in the articles. Maybe I just need better icing. Definitely more colors.

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i_do_dew said...

To find melting vs. baking chocolate, look in the bulk food isle. Another great place to go (in Monroe County) is TADCO in the Genesee Valley Market on Jefferson Road. They sell all sorts of baking, cooking supplies, and spices. You can get some fun stuff rather than just the white/milk/dark chocolate available in supermarkets....mmm butterscotch.