Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stash Growth

I've been bad. I felt a little inadequate as a knitter because of my tiny stash, but that's over now. I've got yarn for at least 7 pairs of socks, two scarves, an entrelac headband, and another shawl (on the way). My boyfriend mocks me. Indie sock yarn will be the death of me. I stalk it daily, the sellers on Etsy tempt me with their luscious colors and bonus stitch marker.

My current crusade is to finish my Cozy so that I can cast on Ella with the Lorna's Laces headed my way via eBay. Of course I had to buy some lace Addi Turbos so I could try out a new type of needle. (Oh, and some Debbie Bliss to complete my Fetching.) And I have no idea how I'm going to block any of this lace, but it's just so gorgeous.

I watched the NV debate last night at my boyfriend's & twitched the entire time because I hadn't brought any knitting. I haven't a clue who I'm voting for in the (D) primary. I think knitting last night would have helped me decide.

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