Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Does this Kitty Pi make me look fat?

Originally uploaded by gwendrr
I loved seeing all the FO for this Kitty Pi, and just had to make it. Generally Zoë likes anything that's handmade, so I thought there was a good chance she'd enjoy it. So I frogged my Boobie scarf & repurposed the yarn for the Kitty Pi. It was coming out terrible & too scratchy to wear anyway.

I doubled up on the yarn through the sides to make it a little more solid, but it was still pretty floppy. Ended up folding it over and now it holds it's shape great! I threw a little catnip in the bottom of it to generate interest, and the other members of my household rewarded her with treats whenever she entered it. Now it's her regular family room sleeping spot!

So here she is in the finished Pi. I can't get over how huge she looks in this picture! She's only 8lbs!


Heather said...

That's a double stuffed kitty pi. ;)

gwendy said...

Even tastier than double stuffed Oreos!

ambertides said...

Too cute! How did you get the sides to stay up? Mine just flop over when I flip it off of the thing I'm using for blocking.

gwendy said...

Unless perfectly balanced, mine flop over too. Now I fold the edges over so they're doubled up and they stay up fine, albeit shorter!

ambertides said...

Aha! I understand now. Thanks. :)