Friday, April 25, 2008

Daffodil meadow

I started noticing daffodils in the past few days and decided it was time for my yearly pilgrimage to Daffodil Meadow. It's about 0.7 from parking, which is across the street from work. A nice enough length of an hour's lunch. So on Friday during that's what I did.

On my way I got to see some Trillium and various other Spring flowers.

Trillium Spring flower

When I got there I was not disappointed. The meadow was in full swing.

Daffodil Meadow


And I saw my first toad of the year. Amazingly I did not harass him (at least I'm sure that's the way he would have viewed my affections).

A little friend

This is the dork that I look like when I go hiking during my lunch, or after work:


Hey, I'm short, and I don't want my jeans to get dirty.

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